Why A5 Coaching and Training

A5 Coaching and training has a stimulating effect.

Your desire for results will increase and that will make it a lot easier to take action!

Following various sports training courses for the triathlete, duathlete, mountain biker, open water swimmer and competitive swimmer is the perfect way to develop oneself athletically and personally. The power of personal development is that you can take more control over your sport and your daily life. In addition, you're better and healthier in your own skin when you develop yourself, you relativize easier and you learn a lot faster.

Reasons enough to get started, right?

Why choose A5 Coach


A lack of motivation, we all know it! Sometimes demotivation comes from the fear of failure. But what if you can't fail? What if you're sure you can do it anyway? And why shouldn't you?


Thinking about the success of the A5 Coach training is stimulating. Your desire for results increases and with that it becomes a lot easier to take action.

Just do it!

10 Reasons to choose for A5 Coach

  • 01.You want to improve your health and fitness but don't know how!
  • 02.You are looking for an untethered schedulable way to train.
  • 03.You love to exercise but time is the biggest limiting factor and need help finding the balance.
  • 04.You like to be active and interested in learning something new.
  • 05.You would like to improve your technique, endurance, speed and the way you train.
  • 06.You are looking for honest and outspoken advice, but also a respectful and listening ear!
  • 07.You are a competitive athlete and looking to improve in training structure and coaching.
  • 08.You are looking for supervised training on the recommendation of Doctor / Physio.
  • 09.You don't want to listen to a story but choose experience!
  • 10.We are honest, we train and coach based on what you need.


We help you take the step to improve your technique and sports skills and don't set the bar too high! We start with training in small manageable and achievable steps that make you happy. In good balance with your goal(s).

This way you create a good feeling about yourself, because you have done something!

Is our offer a solution for your problem?

Get to know our unique approach. We like to brainstorm, and to exchange ideas as well. Don't hesitate and get in touch. Call 06 - 40001996 or fill in the form and we'll get back to you quickly!

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