MTB Clinic Beginners Ladies Only Gieten - Gasselte

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For the beginner mountain biker who wants to improve her skills and be more confident on the bike

Mountain biking is an active way of crossing the forest and enjoying your freedom. Really get out! Challenging. But do you still feel uncomfortable with certain bends, would you rather get off at that root passage, do you have doubts about when to brake and how to ride skilfully through loose sand? In our Ladies Only mountain bike clinic we'll go over the basics: controlled braking, visual techniques in the terrain, body posture: sitting on the saddle or standing on the pedals, rolling over small obstacles and riding through corners.

Join us on the Gieten - Gasselte mountain bike route, a trail in woodland that takes you along the beautiful lake 't Nije Hemelriek: clear blue water and white sand... un-Dutch.

During the clinic you will get an explanation, we will do exercises to master cycling skills, there is room for feedback and questions and most of all you will have the opportunity to try it yourself. The focus is on technique and fun. You can participate at your own level and pace. We ride few kilometers, short pieces on the route of Gieten / Gasselte, so a basic condition is sufficient.

Do you have some more experience?

Nice and welcome, because you will get advice for better technique and more flow. The A5 coaches are there with personal attention and specific tips for you as a novice biker and challenge you if you have a little more experience. We help you gain more control and confidence on the mountain bike. So you can soon fully enjoy relaxed enjoyment of your ride in the woods with a cycling buddy or that hour of your own time on a bicycle.

What do I learn in the clinic?

  • Basic adjustment and technical check of your bike
  • Correct body posture when riding, climbing and descending
  • Watching technique in the field
  • Precision braking and emergency braking
  • Basic cornering
  • Balance on the bike


Additional info + location:

  • Small groups, 4-8 participants
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Guidance: 2 mountain bike coaches
  • Start from : Parking near 't Nije Hemelriek
  • Address: Houtvester Jansenweg 1, 9462 TB in Gasselte
  • Bike rental is possible

What do I need? (mandatory)

  • Mountain bike *technically in order (bike rental is possible)
  • Matching bicycle helmet with strap that closes under the chin
  • Gloves (long fingers is recommended)

*Brakes, shifting mechanism and tire profile are good

Handy to have

  • Filled water bottle, something to eat on the way (recommended)
  • Flat MTB Pedals (recommended, to be rented at A5Coach)
  • Cycling clothes and sports glasses (recommended)

Corona info:

  • You can participate in the clinic provided that you do not have any corona-related complaints, maintain a sufficient distance (1.5 meters) from other people and follow the government guidelines. In our A5Coach MTB clinics we stay within the government guidelines and therefore go with small groups of max. 4 people per coach.

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Wednesday 4 August 09:30 - 12:00

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