MTB advanced cornering skills clinic

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For the advanced mountain biker who wants to improve his cornering skills for more flow

You have experience with mountain biking, ride regularly and master the basic skills well. And yet ... when it comes to mtb turns, you feel that there is room for improvement.
When riding a corner well, several aspects come together. You want to control your speed, choose a good line, look for the right direction, shift your weight and keep grip. Not easy in practice.

Because when do you keep your pedals flat and when 1 down?

And keeping maximum grip, how do you do that? Do you turn your bike through the corner with your handlebars or do you use your body? How does that canting of your bike actually work? And what do you do with that one carrot in the turn...

We give away one golden mtb rule: 'Stare at trouble, get in trouble'.

Join us at the mountain bike route of Rijssen.

A route in the Salland Ridge, beautiful wooded and rolling terrain. Characteristic of the route are the short climbs and the various twists and turns in quick succession.
During the mtb clinic, we will do exercises to become more dynamic on the bike and to improve balance and cornering technique. There is room for feedback and questions and we ride segments of the route. The A5 coaches will help you with personal attention and specific tips. A route and mtb clinic for better cornering and a lot of flow.

What do I learn in the clinic?

  • Bike and equipment check
  • Metering of approach speed and braking timing
  • Pedal position and pedal pressure appropriate to the curve and surface
  • Watching technique (before and in the bend)
  • Playing with body posture: high and low
  • Agility and balance with short turns
  • Smoothly through wide curves
  • Tilting your mountain bike and shifting your body weight

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Additional info + location:

  • Small groups, 4-8 participants
  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Location: Mountain bike route Rijssen
  • Guidance: 2 mountain bike coaches
  • Start from: Parking Sportpark de Koerbelt,
  • Address: Arend Baanstraat 102, 7461 DX in Rijssen, the Netherlands.
  • Clinic will take place with a minimum of 3 participants

What do I need? (mandatory)

  • Mountain bike *technically in order (bike rental is possible)
  • Mountain bike type: From hardtail to full suspension MTB
  • Dropperpost or seatpost clamp with quick release (On request)
  • Matching bicycle helmet with strap that closes under the chin
  • Long-fingered gloves (recommended)

*Brakes, shifting mechanism and tire profile are good

Handy to have

  • Filled water bottle, something to eat on the way (recommended)
  • Cycling clothes and sports glasses (recommended)
  • Flat MTB Pedals (recommended, to be rented at A5Coach)

Corona info:

  • You can participate in the mountain bike clinic provided that you do not have any corona-related complaints, maintain a sufficient distance (1.5 metres) from other people and continue to follow the government's guidelines.

Choose Start Date

Friday 25 June 10:00 - 13:00, Friday 30 July 10:00-13:00

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