MTB Endurance Racing Training and Coaching

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Improve your mtb technique, tactics, strength and explosiveness with MTB Training and Coaching Race.

Mountain biking is an intensive sport that differs from cycling. Our mtb technique and tactics training focuses more on strength and explosiveness in race situations. We let you discover how to race better and improve your technique and skills!

With our MTB Endurance Racing subscription you will train more effectively.

We use the training data as a basis and our experience to improve your mtb training. So that the training fits your personal situation as well as possible. With 25 years of experience in competitive mountain biking, we coach you technically and tactically to the desired result!

By starting with MTB Endurance Racing you get the best out of yourself mentally and physically.

Optimal training and coaching in preparation for big beach races or multi-day MTB events and races such as Transpyr, TransCape, Duchenne, Algarve Bike Challenge, 4 Islands Bike Race, MTB Beachrace NL, De Panne Beach Endurance.

A5Coach offers personal coaching, mtb training and customised coaching for recreational, amateur and competitive mountain bikers.

For the mountain biker who wants to improve his or her technique and tactics on his or her bike in a relaxed way and with the right balance and continuity in training. Have fun working with your A5 MTB Coach on improving your training and achieving your goals!

Subscription information

  • Monthly subscription
  • Cancellable? After the first 2 months
  • Including TrainingPeaks Athlete Premium account
  • More information, see below

One Size Fits All is truly a thing of the past.
MTB Endurance Racing Training and Coaching

Every athlete requires its own approach and therefore there is no template for mountain bikers! A5 Coach offers personal sports coaching and tailor-made training schedules.

  • Intake meeting via Skype / WhatsApp / Phone
  • Monthly subscription in Professional guidance in training & coaching
  • Weekly personalized training schedules (Mountain Bike + Power + Core Stability)
  • TrainingPeaks Athlete Premium account included - To measure = To know.
  • Including personal race or event periodization
  • Coaching call 1x per week
  • Weekly feedback on your workouts
  • Intermediate adjustments weekly
  • Interim availability Email | WhatsApp
  • Cancellable every week? After the first 2 months.
Optimized for

Each A5 Coach - training plan is specifically created to be used within the TrainingPeaks desktop app, iOS app and Android app.

TrainingPeaks Athlete Premium account is included in your subscription.

24 / 7 Personal attention from your A5 Coach!
Our working method
  • 01. Intake meeting via Skype / WhatsApp / Phone

    After an initial meeting you will receive an intake form on which you give background information about your sporting history and ambition. After receiving the intake form we will discuss your information, goals and wishes during a face-to-face meeting.

  • 02. Discuss and create personal monthly/annual plan

    After the intake we will make a training schedule and plan a start date. At the beginning we also start with some tests to determine what your zones are, so you can start training in the best possible way.

  • 03. Weekly personalized training schedules

    Each workout is uniquely written and tailored to your goals, experience, age, gender, body type and schedule. You will receive your weekly training schedule via Trainingpeaks. In this training software app, you can provide feedback on your workouts and upload your training data from your bike computer or smartwatch. We will provide you with feedback!

  • 04. 24 / 7 Contact via WhatsApp or E-Mail

    Your A5 Coach is always available 24/7 for short questions on a mental, technical and social level. You can contact your A5 Coach for most questions and if necessary we will call in our partners if our experience is not enough.

A5Sport training and coaching for triathletes, duathletes, open water swimmers, competitive swimmers and mountain bikers
It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves

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