Triathlon swim training advanced

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A5 Coach offers the Triathlon Swim Training Advanced together with her partner Apexswim. The advanced triathlon swim training is accessible for chestcrawl swimmers and advanced triathletes.

Under the guidance of your swim coach you will work on improving your chest crawl swimming technique. Each lesson will make you swim more efficiently, more effectively, become stronger conditionally and experience more fun in your swim.

Suitable for the triathlete who wants to push his or her limits in a healthy way.

Of course we also use heart rate monitors and training aids, but the core is so important. Measuring = knowing your swimming progress!

Have fun working with your swim coach to improve your training and achieve your goals!

Subscription information

  • Monthly subscription
  • Start: mid February 2021 depending on Covid 19
  • Incl. TrainingPeaks Basic (Free) Account
  • More information, see below

Course information
Triathlon swim training advanced

See below for course information and location dates where the course will take place.

  • New course starting date known: Mid February 2021 depending on Covid 19
  • 8x High quality swim training of 1 hour (Measure = know)
  • Suitable for; advanced triathletes and open water swimmers.
  • Location; Drachten swimming pool "De Welle" - Sunday 08:30-09:30
  • Professional Apexswim coach present every training
  • Training content: swimming technique, stroke length, stroke frequency, tactics, and duration.
  • Weekly personalized training schedules in TrainingPeaks
  • Weekly feedback on your workouts
Optimized for

Each A5 Coach - swim workout is specifically made to be used within the TrainingPeaks desktop app, iOS app and Android app.

Required; a (Free) basic account of TrainingPeaks.

24 / 7 Personal attention from your swim coach!
Our working method
  • 01. Accompanied training by a professional swimming coach

    During each course lesson of the triathlon swim training a professional Apexswim swim coach is present. He or she helps, trains and coaches you through the course lessons.

  • 02. Weekly personalized training schedules

    Each workout is uniquely written and tailored to your goals, experience, age, gender, body type and schedule. You will receive your weekly swim workout from A5 Coach in Trainingpeaks. In this training software app you can provide feedback on your workouts and upload your training data from your smartwatch.

  • 03. Contact 24/7 via WhatsApp or E-Mail

    Your Apexswim coach is always available 24/7 for short questions on mental, sports and social level. For most questions you can contact your Apexswim coach and where necessary we call in our partners if our experience is not enough.

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