Swimming technique video analysis

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By participating in an A5 Coach swimming technique video analysis (above water, underwater recordings and more), you will further develop as a swimmer and gain new insights into how you swim. The video analysis is suitable for triathletes, competitive swimmers, breaststroke swimmers and open water swimmers.

We use video analysis to get more information about where your swimming technique can improve.

Together we go into the pool on the basis of the video images to see what this will mean for your stroke and swimming technique. You will receive our analysis including tips and improvement points by email (within 5 working days).

The video analysis makes it easier to apply improvements in your swimming technique in your swim training.

In addition, as an athlete, swimmer, you are actively engaged in your own development!

A video analysis is participated in by 1 person. Would you like to follow a video analysis with more people? Then contact us for a custom quote.

Product features:

Corona: I.v.m. Corona will be tuned per indoor pool to see what the possibilities are!
Costs: 1 on 1 Video analysis on location €94,95

The tool to improve your swimming technique!
Swimming technique video analysis

Information swimming technique video analysis

  • New video swim analyses can again be scheduled from Sunday 1 Dec 2020 until 30 May 2021
  • Suitable for; triathletes, competitive swimmers and open water swimmers.
  • Professional Active5 swimming coach present.
  • High quality swim training and video analysis of 1 hour (Measure = know).
  • Incl. video recordings above and under water in slow motion and in normal speed.
  • Incl. Swimming technique analysis document (Tips, Points for Improvement) by e-mail afterwards.
  • Price includes access to the pool.
Points of attention for a video analysis
  • Consistent use of video analysis

    By using video analysis logically during your build-up (periodization) towards your goal, analyzing training images becomes a regular part of your swimming technique improvement process.

  • Video analysis is not an end but a means!

    If you do not know what the purpose of video analysis is, it can lead to using it with little or no results. We help you to set up a plan for its application in your own training. So you use it in the right way and the learning effect to improve your swimming technique is the largest.

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